Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers


The two crowns Ltd,

distributors of wine, for passion



We carefully select manufacturers from all over Italy, to bring to your home, on the tables of restaurants, in the cellars of wine, in the glasses of bars and pubs only quality wines. The two crowns: excellent value for money, fast delivery, proposal of organic wines and grape varieties, maximum attention to the needs of each customer. We are based in Milan, but our wines we take them all over Italy and abroad. Visit our website: come and discover our wines and the winery!

Protagonists of the wine tasting sessions at Osteria Utopia in person oenologist Stefano Parenti.

Website: http://www.leduecorone.com/




Beer Anesa

Anesa you consider a company "experts in beer" ... for the most popular drink in the world, the company is able to offer a range of beer brands "legendary", whose names are classics in the history of this drink.

For more than fifty years Anesa engages in the research and in the importation into Italy of the best foreign beers. Thanks to a steady growth and competitive, marked by continuous improvements and innovations, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the market leaders in the beverage sector.

Website: anesabirra.it




Farm Cyrenaica -
Consortium Ticino Park

Ours is a small company with address cereal and pig closed cycle, with about 40 players, and we apply the concepts of environmentally friendly agriculture.

For 20 years, we are committed to produce heavy pigs, intended for the sausage factory, are slaughtered at least ten months old and weighs about 165 kg.
Our cattery is registered and recognized by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, and has recently been awarded the "Brand Park Ticino Production Subsidiary". This means that we are subjected to controls and compliance of a product specification drive.

Thighs of all piglets is tattooed the code of our breeding,
(MI 145 plus a letter indicating the month of birth), code always visible on the skin even when the ham is ready for consumption.

In our breeding concept is used THE FIVE FREEDOMS (the five freedoms):

freedom from thirst and hunger
freedom from disease and injury
freedom to be able to have normal behaviors
freedom to have comfort
freedom from fear and fear

This is thanks to a careful family management, the use of cereal production company with quality controlled, rearing of piglets and weaners on straw which allows greater freedom, movement and tranquility, avoid ill-treatment, avoid as much revenue as possible of people and animals external to reduce the risk of infections and diseases.

Website: http://www.cirenaica.it/



Consortium Ticino Park

The Consortium "AGRICULTURAL PRODUCERS TICINO PARK" is a reality of associated companies and selected, family run producing wine, honey, vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish species, such as raw and processed cereals, rice, corn , barley etc. and feed their animals with the same raw materials produced in the company in the full and total respect for the environment, biodiversity and public health.

Some farms with their own raw materials produced in the company in the full and total respect for the environment and biodiversity and public health have formed a consortium aimed at promoting and developing agriculture and food products under the brand name "Park Ticino - Controlled production ".

The consortium offers niche products, which have not undergone the changes brought by intensive farming and processing industries, thus maintaining unaltered flavors, fragrances and genuineness. In fact, at the base of our project is the desire to continue producing even as once. The Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley collaborates with the consortium to control, exploitation and protection of the products of its territory.

website: http://www.produttoriparcoticino.it/index.php/i-prodotti/latte-e-derivati



Tofu and Seitan:

Harmony & Goodness ltd.

We are a small artisan, the food production sector alternative.
Our products are: Tofu, Seitan, Hamburger Vegetable Tofu, Tofu Sauce and pate.
The aim is to produce high quality foods using only vegetable raw materials of biological origin.

The project began many years ago from an idea of ​​the founder, vegetarian and careful consumer of organic products, the had the problem of finding the market healthy, genuine, but especially good at a fair price.
Thanks to the awareness of the "careful and demanding consumer" combined with an experience made in the East (where using simple techniques and ancient) at various production laboratories of TOFU, here come "HARMONY AND GOODNESS".
The experience in the East and the inventiveness of "artisan flavors", allowed to combine traditional Asian flavors with the demands Mediterranean. E 'born then a product that combines the important properties of Tofu with Western demands for a more correct and balanced diet.

"HARMONY AND GOODNESS" handcrafted by paying particular attention to the work in order to obtain a product as if it were "homemade", but with the quality of a modern production system.
In this regard at all stages of production, starting from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, has applied a simple and effective system, which guarantees the traceability of each ingredient and is monitored every step of the process so always ensure the high quality of the production system.
In addition, the certification of an institution in charge of monitoring the biological method is another guarantee of certainty and by the final consumer.
Our products are prepared using only plant foods, so they are free of milk, eggs, sugar added.
The extreme flexibility of the production process of our laboratory allows us to make changes to the products to list in order to adapt to the particular needs of our clients and as regards the packaging, both as regards the use of some ingredients possibly unwelcome, replacing them with other requirements of the customers in order to meet the local food traditions.
This mode of operation allows us beings present throughout the national territory by meeting the food use of every part of Italy.

Website: http://www.armoniaebonta.it/home.asp




Frantoio Colli ltd.

Il Frantoio Hills is located on the scenic hills of Abruzzo, between the Adriatic and the Majella. The proximity to the sea and the mountains creates the best climate for the cultivation of olive trees that allowed Giuseppe La Pietra and his family to produce one of the most fragrant extra virgin olive oils of the region.

Website: http://www.aziendeinrete.it/abruzzo/chieti/frisa/oli-vegetali/105095064068089103.html



The Spume:

Foam Alpina ltd

Fava Drinks relaunches its historic brand to dress the new line in a glass bottle, now with practical resealable screw cap. Foam Alpina is a modern line that combines traditional drinks to more modern tastes, suitable for every type of consumer. THE QUALITY OF SURF ALPINA IS IN THE FOLLOWING FRESH TASTE: Dogwood, Cedrata, Chinotto, Froth Black, Cola, Gassosa.

Being able to have a drink "old way" without succumbing to the consumer brands of multinationals.

Website: http://www.favabibite.it/wp/?project=spuma-alpina





Our idea is to offer marginalized producers of international and national economies a real opportunity to enter the market with innovative, environmentally friendly, economically viable and functional; disseminate the principles and products of fair trade; promote social change, especially through the network of shops Socie, to promote more and better fairness of rules and practices of international trade.

Honesty: honesty, transparency and linearity are the declination value of "honesty" is understood not only in the traditional sense but also as intellectual honesty, that is, the ability to recognize their own ability, potential and responsibility, but also their limitations. In the communication means will not to deceive, authenticity and awareness.

Correctness: compliance management system with legislation, Normée of agreements in force in respect of both the internal components, both of
those outside the organization to its own social base.
Democracy: in virtue of its structural network of the Consortium, democracy can only be the value guarantor of collective participation and shared decision-making. It is the assumption of a sense of belonging within the social base of the shops. Democracy, as a value and as a practice, is encouraged and supported also by the realities of the producers.

Website: http://www.altromercato.it/



The Herbal Teas:


Our unique range of organic herbal remedies and award winning teas are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda - 'the art of living wisely.' We set up Pukka Herbs to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.

Fair trade teas from all over the world. Difficult to find on the Italian territory.

Website: http://www.pukkaherbs.com/