Library Zivago

Library Zivago

As many of you know the Osteria Utopia has changed travel companion ...

The library Utopia, after a period of reflection has reopened in the old area of ​​belonging, in via Marsala, 2.

However, our project in via Vallazze, 34 was enriched arrival, now official, the Library Zivago, with which share intent and organization of cultural and recreational events.

The library is managed and organized by Sergio Pomati, who has 25 years of industry experience as head of the "Libraccio".

The success of his careful selection of used books led him to look for a space of contact with the public that came true with the opening of the library Zivago alongside dell'Osteria Utopia.


Visit us and you will sincerarvi for yourself the quality and variety of books on display!


Sergio sometimes participates in the market for books in Piazza Diaz in Milan and one in Turin. Both one Sunday a month.



Sergio Pomati

tel. 02.83419280





In the heart of City University, in Via Vallazze 34, founded the Library Zivago.

Used books, impossible to find, rare, editorial curiosity of each price and size.

From the infinite catalog of out of print, a choice of over 8000 titles selected and an environment in which to browse through the shelves, sit comfortably sipping a coffee, or spend an evening in the company, with a glass of good wine, surrounded by books and good music thanks to union with the Osteria Utopia.

A reference to the neighborhood but not only, a full calendar of events, evenings of music, theater and tastings, for a common project of cultural promotion, aggregation and conviviality.

Come and visit us!