About Us & Hours

About Us

We are only four people who love good food, good drink and reading that have found themselves at a point in their life where they have decided to realize a dream, combining skills and experiences accumulated in previous years.

All four come from environments that have to do with food and with fair trade.

However there was interested in creating a formal setting or too sustained. And most of all we were interested to accompany us with a reality library that was run by someone who had our own desire and had come to the same 'turning point' in his life.

The desire to create culture, entertainment and spectacle, managing to sustain, through the perfect combination of business dining and sale of books.

With great luck we found a subject perfectly in tune with us in the Library Baravaj.

During our first year we have maybe a little limp, but now you begin to see clearly the first buds ...

The dates of theatrical and musical events will go thickening, and our reality with woven texture similar to us both in the city and outside of it, begins to ripen its fruit.

Of course without detracting from the other aspect of 'Osteria / Library: namely the possibility to offer a place to "get lost", eating, resting, working, to play

children, find books, read magazines, eat something outside of the canons 12-14 times, meet interesting people and discover their passion or just a drink for drink


If you do not believe me, come and visit you and make a corner of your dreams with us ..



Monday: from 10 to 15

From Tuesday to Thursday: from 10 to 23,30

Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 24





The Osteria Utopia was born inside the Library Utopia, historic library moved to Milan via Vallazze 34 for just over a year, and is associated now with the newcomer Library Baravaj.

The 'original idea is that of a local in Italy is not yet widespread, but abroad, especially in countries of Northern Europe is a standard.

From the experience we have had in the restaurant business, associations and 'fair trade we chose an area where to put our skills and give birth to a café all day dining with fair trade products and to 0 km.

The place looks like a real haven of peace, a healthy alternative to a sandwich lunch break: an unconventional place where you can have the healthy breakfast to light snacks, sweets bio, simple dishes. You can drink centrifuged, mousses, smoothies and fresh juices, or even have a coffee to match with sweets.

Why we decided to open the Osteria Utopia?

Why in Milan need to culture and hangouts independent and not "custom" and the Library Utopia, with its history of over thirty years of cultural and political activities that have made it a place of spontaneous aggregation for readers of the left libertarian (and beyond) we felt it was the best party


Osteria because for us it's authenticity and joy.

Because food and wine are culture

Because we offer only the best on our plates and in our service

Why we love the biological and pledge to always look for products certified and quality

Why we like being around people, welcome people, have fun with the people.

Because you can sit sipping craft beers, wines or Italian coffee and perusing the fair trade books or working on the pc thanks to wi-fi.





To conclude the offer, Utopia is also proposed as family-friendly place dedicated to the world of mothers and children, with workshops, special parties, and above all, a space dedicated specifically to children and all the facilities for mothers (space to breastfeed, changing table , etc)

Local all day dining

Organic products, fair trade and at km 0

Cold food quality

Particular attention to mothers and children

Calm and welcoming environment

Opening from 10 to 22 (or 24 at the weekend) continued

Wines from small producers and craft beers

Careful selection of suppliers

Offer for vegans and vegetarians

Library accessible

Possibility to organize parties or receptions with quality products and affordable


Free WI-FI